Our Mission

Turn It Green is America's first and only 501(c)(3) non-profit implant and special medical waste (metals remaining post cremation) recycling program serving the death-care industry nationwide. Our FREE program is organized and operated exclusively to generate donations for charity through recycling orthopedic implants, dental prosthetics, and other metals recovered after the cremation process.

Our founder, whose wife was cremated in 1997, established this program upon the belief that ALL profits generated through recycling the left behind implants of our cremated loved ones should be dedicated to helping our local communities. The majority of decedent's family members embrace this belief, it is greatly beneficial to the death-care industry, and strongly supported by regulatory officials across the nation.

Join us and Help us by Donation

The recycling activities of Turn It Green are not only generating urgently needed funds for charity during these times of extreme economic hardship across our country, they are also critical to environmental sustainability and the preservation of our non-renewable natural resources.

Whether you are currently recycling these metals or not, we strongly encourage you to give our Free, Award-Winning, Non-Profit implant recycling program a try with absolutely NO obligation.

– To generate desperately needed financial support for America’s non-profit charitable
organizations on
behalf of our cremated loved ones and the death-care industry.
– In response to public demands for ending the commercialization of recycling at U.S. crematories.
– In response to industry demands for introducing a non-profit implant recycling option.

According to decedent’s family members, many state agencies and officials, countless businesses
serving the death-care industry, community leaders, and many members of the general public,
Alternative Solutions USA represents the most ethical, transparent, and professional recycling
solution for U.S. crematories nationwide.

Recycling at the crematory is legal so long as the process is disclosed in the “Cremation
Authorization and Disposition Form”. For the most part, there are no state laws prohibiting recycling
of metals obtained through the cremation process; however, many states prohibit profiting from the
sale of any devices recovered after the cremation process.

Yes, metals recovered after cremation are non-human remains. Recycling is a dignified alternative
to storing these metals, burying them, or sending them to landfills.

Yes, every member of our program will be recorded into our database system and a detailed
donation history report will be saved for each crematory.

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