We're not the middleman! Direct recycling services for dental bridgework post-cremation.

Turn it Green donates a percentage of its profits to a charity to that assists low income families with cremation expenses. By recycling orthopedic implants, dental prosthetics and other metals recovered after the cremation process with Turn It Green, you are supporting our charitable efforts. Request our free jar/bin to start recycling today!

If you're already engaged with a recycling service, we invite you to give us a try and see how we stack up in terms of raising funds!

Our 4 Cornerstones

Turn It Green embodies 4 key cornerstones that define our company


Turn It Green is an ethical company that brings transparency to the recycling process. Each payment made by Turn It Green is accompanied by a settlement statement. The settlement statement details what items that were received by Turn It Green and a breakdown of the compensation for the recycled materials.


Turn It Green understands the needs of crematories and will do what it takes to make the recycling process as easy as possible for our customers. Turn It Green provides jars , drums and tools free of charge. Our representatives are always a phone call away to help in any way possible.


Recycling has clearly become an accepted and embraced in our society. Recycling reduces the need to extract natural resources.By recycling, we help to maintain the planet for future generations.


Turn It Green focuses on the community and giving back. Every time Turn It Green receives a shipment, it donates a portion to charity. Turn It Green believes in supporting the community whether its donating to charity, helping a low income family or sponsoring a youth sports team.