Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Turn-It-Green is owned and operated by experienced precious metal experts. We help over 300 crematories create additional income by recycling medical and dental implants

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The recycling activities of Turn It Green are not only generating urgently needed funds for charity during these times of extreme economic hardship across our country, they are also critical to environmental sustainability and the preservation of our non-renewable natural resources.

Whether you are currently recycling these metals or not, we strongly encourage you to give our free implant recycling program a try with absolutely NO obligation.

Turn It Green was founded for many reasons. In particular, to help keep the cremation industry eco-friendly.

Turn It Green is a boutique refinery specific to crematories and we are strong believers in community engagement.  We represent the most ethical, transparent, and professional recycling solution for North American crematories

Recycling at the crematory is legal so long as the process is disclosed in the “Cremation Authorization and Disposition Form”. For the most part, there are no state laws prohibiting recycling of metals obtained through the cremation process; however, many states prohibit profiting from the sale of any devices recovered after the cremation process.

Yes, metals recovered after cremation are non-human remains. Recycling is a dignified alternative to storing these metals, burying them, or sending them to landfills.

Yes, every member of our program will be recorded into our database system and a detailed history report will be saved for each crematory. This records are to remain confidential.

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